Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum is the only museum in Japan to specialize in carpentry tools. In October 2014, the premises were relocated to the Shin-Kobe station area and reopened, centering on a theme of 'Connecting people and nature, and linking tradition and innovation'. Around 1000 carpentry tools are on show, handpicked from the 30,000 or so gathered to date. Replica pillars and architectural joints of the main Toshodai temple hall, towering over 7 meters high, grace the colonnade space. Enjoy the skeleton frame of tea room showcasing delicate gallery works and special models, embodying the very finest in master craftsmanship skills. The museum makes optimal use of its shrine carpentry expertise, offering a valuable program in the new woodworking space for those who want a hands-on taste of professional carpentry skills.
  • a.m.:9:30 - 12:00/p.m.:13:00~16:00
  • 7-5-1 Kumochi-cho Chuo-ku Kobe


Website https://www.dougukan.jp/?lang=en
Tel 078-242-0216