Chapter 1 (Scope of Terms of Use)

These Terms of Use shall govern use of all the data stored in all the servers necessary to operate the Website, and the content that is composed of these data.

Chapter 2 (Usage fee)

Use of the Website is free of charge. However, Users shall bear the cost of communications equipment and communication expenses arising from the use of the Website.

Chapter 3 (Copyright)

Intellectual property (including but not limited to copyright, patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right and knowhow, etc.; the same shall apply hereinafter) belongs to the Association or to the holder of each right.

Chapter 4 (Prohibited matters)

Users shall not engage in any act falling under any of the following items in regard to the software, documents, data, images, characters and logos of the Website, when using the Website.

  1. Act of directly seeking money or commercial benefit through the Website
  2. Acts of deleting or changing the restrictions in regards to indications on products, copyrights, other precautions and property rights
  3. Acts of duplication, distribution, public transmission, amendment, translation, adaptation or creation of secondary works without the approval of the Association
  4. Acts of transferring, selling assigning or other actions to third parties
  5. Acts of reverse engineering and other analysis
  6. Acts that interfere or have the potential to interfere with the operation of the Website or acts that impair or have the potential to impair the credibility of the Website
  7. Acts of transmitting or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses
  8. Acts that violate or have the potential to violate laws and regulations
  9. Acts that violate, limit or interfere with the rights of the Association or third parties, or that are likely to violate, limit, or interfere with the rights of the Association or third parties
  10. Other acts that the Association deems to be inappropriate

Chapter 5 (Suspension, termination or closure of the Website)

The Association may suspend or terminate the operation of part or whole of the Website as necessary without prior notice to Users.

Chapter 6 (Treatment of information)

  1. The Association treats the personal information collected while providing the Website based on the Association’s Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Privacy Policy”).
  2. Among the information stated above, information regarding the data link with Facebook will be sent to a server managed by NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. and used within the scope of the following purposes according to the Privacy Policy.
    1. Provision of service of the website
    2. Improvement of the functions of the website
  3. Personal information and other information no longer necessary shall be deleted from the server of the Website under appropriate supervision at the time of scheduled maintenance.
  4. Users shall be regarded as having agreed to the Privacy Policy by agreeing to these Terms of Use.

Chapter 7 (Guarantee and responsibility)

  1. The Association operates and manages the Website and provides information with the greatest care. However, the Association shall not warrant that the Website shall be free of bugs, errors, failures or other defects, or violation of intellectual property rights, or that the Website shall operate without interruption.
  2. The Association shall not warrant the accuracy, completeness, recency or fitness for the specific purpose of the Users in regard to the Website or information displayed on the Website.
  3. The Association shall not assume any responsibility for damage or trouble arising from the use or non- use of the Website (including but not limited to the disappearance or damage, etc. of the information of Users).
  4. The Association shall not assume any responsibility for damage and trouble caused to Users in respect of changes, updates, etc. to information.

Chapter 8 (Changes to the Terms of Use)

  1. These Terms of Use may be changed as deemed necessary without obtaining consent from Users before or after making the changes. Users shall be regarded as having agreed to the changes to the Terms of Use in using the Website after any modification is made to them.
  2. In the event of making changes to these Terms of Use, the Association shall give notice or public announcement to Users with a method that this Association deems appropriate, such as posting to the Website. The changes to these Terms of Use shall take effect when such notice or public announcement is given.

Chapter 9 (Recommended Viewing Environment)

It is recommended to view the Website with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The contents of the Website may not be displayed or behave correctly when viewing it in other than the recommended environment.

Chapter 10 (Liability)

In the even the Association incurs damage due to violation of the Terms of Use by Users, the User(s) shall compensate for such damage.

Chapter 11 (Legal compliance, etc.)

Users shall comply with these Terms of Use, relevant laws, cabinet orders, ministerial orders, ordinances, regulations and other such orders in using the Website.

Chapter 12 (Governing Law and judicial district)

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In the event any dispute occurs between the Association and users regarding these terms of use or the website, the conflict shall be resolved by the Kobe District Court as the agreed court of first instance.

Chapter 13 (Language)

The governing language of these Terms of Use shall be Japanese. The contents of the Japanese version shall supersede in the event of any inconsistency and contradiction concerning these Terms of Use between the Japanese version and translation.

Supplementary Provision

These Terms of Use shall take effect from February 1, 2016.