Located at the center of Nada-Gogo, the largest sake producing region in Japan, and right in the heart of the Uozaki area is Sakuraen, the Sakuramasamune museum. The catalyst for its establishment was the wish to rebound from the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and convey the identity of the 'Masamune' name - synonymous with Japanese sake - to future generations. The second-floor exhibition room houses a collection of materials encompassing Sakuramasamune's four centuries of history, including sake bottles, signs and labels, and more. Valuable images giving us a glimpse into the sake brewing of yesteryear are showcased here, along with on-site restaurants and cafes. The museum shop, 'Sakura', meanwhile, sells freshly made sake produced from a separate warehouse called Hananokigura. Also on offer are local specialties and limited-edition products that make perfect souvenirs.
  • 10:00-22:00(shop,cafe: 10:00 - 19:00)
  • 4-3-18 UozakiMinami-machi HigashiNada-ku Kobe


Tel 078-436-3030