Perched on the summit of Mount Maya National Park, and blessed with a setting of abundant nature, lies Maya Tenjo Temple. From this heavenly spot, a perfect vantage point in any season, you can see as far as Awaji Island, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and even Shodo Island if the weather is agreeable.The history of Tenjo Temple, the only in Japan built to honor the Goddess Maya, dates back to its founding by Hodo Sennin (sennin meaning hermit), a high priest from India, in response to a request made by Emperor Kotoku in 646. The matriarchal deity Maya, the mother of Buddha and a Buddha for the protection of women in particular, is believed to bestow good fortune on worshippers who hope for easy delivery, conception, and rearing of a child, and her presence is behind the present-day name of Mount Maya.
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