The city of Kobe is home to numerous academically significant ruins, examples of which include the Goshikizuka burial mound and the Otoshiyama ruins.The Kobe City Archeology Center, with their mission to revitalize Kobe history, surveys, organizes and collects relics excavated from ruins at sites city-wide.The permanent exhibition space includes a range of excavated items, dating from the New Stone Age to medieval times. The special collection space showcases further excavated items which, when viewed, will help visitors connect with the city's past.Practical activities include Jomon pottery-making experiences and crafting of magatama (comma-shaped beads and jewels), while the multiple exhibitions held through the year are yet another reason to make the visit,
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-17:00
  • 6-1 Koujidai Nishi-ku Kobe


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