Adjacent to the Higashinada library is the Sumiyoshi Danjiri Museum, dedicated to promoting danjiri, the traditional festival floats of Sumiyoshi, and expanding the Danjiri community. In addition to the exhibition of the impressive Nishi (West) Ward danjiri, you can discover various exhibits of happi festival coats and miniature danjiri of each area, two bells made during Edo for the Yoshida area, and also Danjiri gables from before the renovation of the tea houses (Hafu). At the Danjiri Theater, you can also watch a video of the danjiri entering Moto-Sumiyoshi Shrine.
  • 10:00~17:00
  • 2-3-40 Sumiyoshi Higashi-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe


Tel 078-841-0034