Shitamachi Art Festival 2021

The Shitamachi Art Festival is an art festival held every two years in Nagata Ward in Kobe. The festival started in 2015, 20 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and this year marks its fourth anniversary. The last festival, \"Shitamachi Art Festival 2019,\" attracted a total of 147,125 visitors and this year, the festival is going to be held in the southern part of Shinnagata. Also, the area has been expanded to include not only the southern part of Shinnagata but also the Maruyama district. Come and enjoy the art that blends into the daily life of the downtown area.

Event Information

Duration 10-09-21 - 10-24-21 -
How to apply 詳しくはHPで
Meeting point Komagabayashi area, Shinnagata area, Maruyama area
Nagata-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-647-7430