SIKI Dome @Rokko Forest Sound Museum

Rokko Forest Sound Museum offer a 360-degree transparent "SIKI Dome" for private use with lunch.

It is a wonderful room that makes you feel as if you are in nature even though you are indoors.
You can spend a peaceful moment while forgetting about the time, surrounded by the beauty of nature, such as the rustling of plants and the changing sky color.

The "SIKI Dome Nukunuku Kotatsu Plan" allows you to stay warm under a Kotatsu in the dome while enjoying the winter view of Mt Rokko.
For lunch, the Mori-no-Café's special "raclette cheese grill set" will be available.

With the "SIKI Garden Picnic Plan", you can enjoy the outdoor mood in the dome equipped with outdoor chairs and other amenities.
For lunch, you can enjoy a special lunch box handmade by Mori-no-Café.

Event Information

Duration <SIKI Dome Nukunuku Kotatsu Plan>
November 25th (Saturday), 2023 - March 13th (Wednesday), 2024
11:00 - 16:00
*Last reception is 14:00, meal times until 15:30.

<SIKI Garden Picnic Plan>
March 16th (Saturday) - July 12th (Friday), 2024
*Last reception is 14:00, meal times until 15:30.

Rokko Forest Sound Museum
4512-145, Kita-Rokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe

Budget <SIKI Dome Nukunuku Kotatsu Plan Participation Fee>
4-year-old and over:4,500 yen

<SIKI Garden Picnic Plan Participation Fee>
4-year-old and over:4,000 yen

*For both plans, children under 3 years old will also be charged the above fee if they wish to have a meal.
*All visitors need to pay entrance fee. (Junior high school students and older:1,500 yen / 4 years old to elementary school students:750 yen.)
How to apply Reservations can be made from the URL below. reserve/index.php?id=5241&mode=top
Recruitment numbers 1日2組(各組1~4名)
Contact Rokko Forest Sound Museum
TEL 078-891-1284
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Remarks Closed:Thursday