Port Island Kita Park

See an illuminated bridge and the night view spanning across the ocean
Ocean Vista Free Restrooms available Parking available Open all day Ideal for families
This park is located on the north side of Port Island, a manmade island floating in Kobe Port. Located in the vicinity of the stunning red Kobe Bridge, here you will find the Mt. Rokko range in the distance, with the lights of the city and a uniquely Kobe-style night view across the water. How you spend your time here is up to you: you could watch the boats coming past or see the illuminated Kobe Bridge up close.

2-2 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi (within Kita Park)

Main public transportation routes

Approx. 8 minutes on foot from Naka Koen Station (Port Liner)