Kobe Airport Marine Air

Enjoy the night runway at the illuminated airport
Ocean Vista Free Restrooms available Parking available Restaurants in the vicinity Open during inclement weather Ideal for families Flat entrance available Elevator available Wheelchair-accessible toilet available Ostomate-friendly toilet available Wheelchair parking available Diaper changing station available
Kobe Airport is located south of Port Island. To the north you will an observation deck looking out at downtown Kobe, and to the south one looking over the runways. This very relaxing venue has shops and spaces where you can take a meal while checking out the night-time scenery. Relax on the lawn or a bench and see the aircraft up close as they take off and land.

1 Kobe Airport, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

Main public transportation routes

Directly connected to Kobe Airport Station (Port Liner)

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