Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building Sankita Street

The stationfront area has different lights on the mountain and ocean sides
City Light-up City lights Free Restrooms available Restaurants in the vicinity Open during inclement weather Ideal for dates
The area in front of Kobe Sannomiya Station has recently been renovated. There you will find a unified display of light, centered around EKIZO Sannomiya, which is connected to the station. Amore Plaza and Sankita Street, affectionately referred to as "Pie Mountain" for the decorative stone mounds there, are bathed in a gentle and unified light display. The shops on Sankita Street on the mountain side of town are bathed in soft light, while those along the ocean are wrapped in neon, creating a unique contrast of city lights tuned to the different venues. The Kobe Sannomiya Hanshin Building has also been reborn as a new landmark of the city with a beautiful light display.

4-2-1 Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

Main public transportation routes

Directly off of Sannomiya Station (serviced by various rail lines)