A course of both visual and edible feasts! Voted one of the top three night vistas in the whole of Japan – now enjoy the so-called 10-million dollar night view from a Cessna and snap memories of a lifetime!
Then round off your special day with the finest Kobe beef at the famous Wakkoqu restaurant. Marbled meat perfection awaits you after your aerial extravaganza on a tour which will delight all your senses.


Sannomiya Station(Kobe New Transit Port liner)

(Dep 16:00)Toward Kobe Airport 18mins.340yen

(Arrive 16:18)Kobe Airport Station

(Dep 18:15)Toward Sannomiya 18mins.340yen

on foot -10 mins.

(Arrive 16:28) Hirata Gakuen

Cessna Tour of Kobe

[ Scenic spot ]Hirata Gakuen

A course for unforgettable moments with your loved ones in the most romantic of Japanese cities. Kobe is recognized as one of the top night views in all of Japan – dubbed the “ten-million dollar view” – and it can be all yours to enjoy from high above in a Cessna plane. You’ll never have a better chance to snap memories of a lifetime!

Duration : 1.5 hours

Fee : 16,500yen〜

(Dep 18:00) on foot -10 mins.

(Arrive 18:10)Kobe Airport Station(Kobe New Transit Port liner)

Kobe Airport Station

(Dep 18:15)Toward Sannomiya 18mins.330yen

(Arrive 18:33)Sannomiya Station(Kobe New Transit Port liner)

on foot -9mins.

(Arrive 18:42) Wakkoqu

Special Kobe beef course

[ Scenic spot ]Wakkoqu

This magical marbled beef is simply the taste of paradise for meat lovers. You’re unlikely to ever enjoy meat as tender or melt-in-the-mouth as this. Cooked to order before your eyes by a master chef, this is a delicacy every Kobe visitor should treat themselves to before leaving town. The restaurant has two locations, in Kitano and Shin-Kobe.

Duration : 2 hours

Fee : 13,520yen〜

(21:45/Course ends.)