Himuro shrine which has about 1800 years of history enshrines a deity of love, Okuninushi no Okami also known as “Renai Benten” and it’s visited by many people throughout Japan. During the era under the Emperor Nintoku, a brother of the emperor found an icehouse and presented the ice in it to the emoperor; theofore, it enshrines the Emperor Nintoku and venerates him as a guardian deity for ice, sweets, alcohol, and winter sports.This shrine brings you a good luck in love for sure, but it’s also visited to pray for business prosperity, safe delivery and recovery from illness and to wish for passing your exam or your job.
  • Shrine office hours 8:00-18:00
  • Free admission
  • 2-15-1 Himuro-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe


Website http://himurojinja.or.jp/
Tel 078-531-2833
Access Take a city bus #7 bound for Kobe station and get off at "Ishii-cho" (about 40min ride) then walk 5 min