Autumn Fire Festival in Suma ~Saitooogomaku Kashosanmai Training Over the Fire~

On 23rd of November (Tuesday, Holidays), get ready to witness the harsh training during the big autumn festival in Sumadera \"Fire Festival in Suma ~Saito Oogomaku Kashozanmai Training Over the Fire~\". Saitogoma is a sacrifice ritual of burning fire outside oogoma, originally done by a Buddhist monks practicing asceticism in the mountains, during which practiced is praying to the fire of wisdom Fudō Myō-ō for the blessings and granting the wishes. When a goma starts to burn, all the precincts of the shrine are covered by the smoke, which are supposed to give the person a good health and clean of the diseases. Then, as the final part of the ritual, there will be austere training in a form of crossing the fire, which is extremely rigorous. The sacred fire is supposed to burn the earthly desires and make the person be born again. Send your gratitude to the gods and start the new year with your clean yourself. We will have undergoing counter-measures against CoVID-19, so we would everyone for cooperation. Thank you for your understanding. Also please follow the instructions from monks and staff to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Event Information

Duration 11-23-21 -
How to apply 事前の申込不要
Meeting point Inside of the precincts of Sumadera ※In case of bad weather conditions,Gomado
4-6-8 Sumadera-cho Suma-ku Kobe
Access For details,visit the web page


TEL 078-731-0416