Kobe Lumiarie 2024

Kobe Luminarie is a large-scale winter illumination event held in the central city area of Kobe.

Since the first event was held in 1995, when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hit Kobe, it has been held as a symbol of hope for Kobe and as an event to pass on the memory of the earthquake victims to future generations.

The past two times were cancelled due to COVID-19, and alternative programs have been held.

However, in January 2024, the 29th Kobe Luminarie will be held for the first time in four years.

Please come and see the beautiful illumination that colors the winter nights of Kobe.

Event Information

Duration January 19(Friday) - January 28(Sunday), 2024

Higashi-Yuenchi Park / Former Foreign Settlement of Kobe / Meriken Park

Budget Free (some areas charged)
How to apply No application required
URL https://www.feel-kobe.jp/kobe_luminarie/