Today, you will enjoy ascending Mount Rokko, 931m high and a proud backdrop to this port city. Lunch, sightseeing and shopping are followed by a stunning 12-minute cable car ride offering wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Kobe City and the Seto Island Sea. The mountain-top stops include Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko Garden Terrace with its cafe and souvenir shop, and Rokko Shidare Observatory for photo opportunities galore. After this, we will visit Arima Onsen – one of the oldest and most famous hot spring resorts in all of Japan for a spot of healthful, relaxing bathing in in spring water as hot as 44 degrees C and a luxurious one-night stay.


JR Sannomiya Station

(Dep 10:00) on foot -5 mins.

(Arrive 10:05) Sannomiya Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

Sannomiya Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

(Dep. 10:05)Toward Tanigami 10mins.550yen

(Arrive 10:15) Tanigami Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)


Transfer trains on the same platform
(Arrive 10:16)Tanigami Station(Kobe Electric Railway)

Tanigami Station(Kobe Electric Railway)

(Dep. 10:18)Toward Sanda 11mins.350yen

(Arrive 10:31)Arimaguchi Station(Kobe Electric Railway)

(Dep. 10:35)Arimaguchi Station(Kobe Electric Railway), 4mins.240yen

(Dep. 10:39)Arimaonsen Station

Although your scheduled hotel check-in time is in the afternoon, you are welcome to leave your luggage at the hotel early and start sightseeing. Why not take advantage to enjoy a stroll around the Arima Onsen down and enjoy tea and snacks?

on foot -15 mins.

(Arrive 10:54) Arimaonsen Station(Rokko-Arima Ropeway)

(Dep. 11:10)Arimaonsen Station(Rokko-Arima Ropeway)


It’s 1,030 yen for a one-way ticket and 1,850 yen for a round trip.
(Arrive 11:22) Rokko sancho Station(Rokko-Arima Ropeway)

on foot -7 mins.

(Arrive 11:29) Rokko Garden Terrace and Shidare Observatory

Lunch,Sightseeing ※Admission:310yen

[ Scenic spot ]Rokko Garden Terrace(Granite Cafe、Shidare Observatory)

A complex of shops, cafes and an observation platform 880 meters high, offering amazing views of Kobe and Osaka Bay. This landscaped oasis is also the perfect setting in which to pick up some souvenirs, enjoy tea, lunch or dinner at the Granite Café and its terrace overlooking the sea and check out the unique Shidare Observatory, designed by famous architect Hiroshi Sambuichi.

Duration : 1.5 hours

Admission : 300yen

(Dep. 13:15)Rokko Sanjo Bus(Rokko Cable Sanjo Station Line)

(Arrive 13:17) Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Sightseeing ※Admission:700yen

[ Scenic spot ]Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Established in 1933, this is one of the oldest alpine gardens in Japan and opens during warmer months. At an altitude of 865 meters, it showcases a beautiful selection of around 1500 plants from Japan and the Himalayas that thrive in alpine conditions. Beautiful flowers can be seen in all four seasons, and enchanting picture opportunities can be yours at night thanks to the illuminated lanterns installed.

Duration : 1.5 hour

Admission : 620yen

(Dep 14:50) on foot -5 mins.

(Arrive 14:55)Rokko International Music Box Museum

Sightseeing ※Admission:1,050yen

[ Scenic spot ]Rokko International Musical Box Museum

Step inside this magical venue and enjoy the very best in European musical box culture, with exquisitely intricate and beautiful cylinder and disk devices on show. One stand-out highlight is the twice-hourly musical box concert plus the chance to admire one of the world’s largest dance organs, all the way from Belgium. A German-themed café, Strauss, is even more reason to come and enjoy!

Duration : 1 hour

Admission : 1,030yen

(Dep. 16:00)Rokko Sanjo Bus(Ropeway sancho Station Line)

(Arrive 16:08)Ropeway sancho Station


(Dep. 16:30)Rokko Sancho Station(Rokko-Arima Ropeway)




[ Scenic spot ]Rokko-Arima Ropeway

The Rokko-Arima cable car takes you smoothly between the summit of Mount Rokko in the national park and Arima Onsen in just 12 minutes. There is no better way to fully enjoy the captivating beauty of the mountain scenery, which changes each season. Please relax and enjoy the sights from your unique and lofty vantage point, up to 150m above ground!

Duration : 1 hours

(Arrive 16:42)Arimaonsen Station(Rokko-Arima Ropeway)

on foot -16 mins.

(Arrive 16:58)Kobe Koyokaku Ryokan

(17:00/Course ends.)
Check in,Relaxation,Hot Springs,Traditional Inn,Kaiseki-style Fine Dining

[ Scenic spot ]Kobe Koyokaku Ryokan

In the heart of Arima Onsen hot spring resort, this grand and historic Japanese inn has been welcoming guests for seven centuries! With three spacious public baths and guest rooms with private en-suite hot springs, you can enjoy the health-giving Kinsen (literally “golden spring”) water, rich in skin-soothing iron. For dinner, you can feast on delicious and artistic Kaiseki (traditional Japanese full course) cuisine. With hospitable multilingual staff on hand to attend to your every need, you’re sure to spend a singularly memorable night in the lap of luxury.


(Dep. 10:00)Kobe Koyokaku Ryokan


on foot -5 mins.

(Arrive 10:05)Arima Hot Spring Town


[ Scenic spot ]Arima Hot Spring Town

The oldest hot spring resort in Japan, with over 1000 years of history, Arima Onsen is most famous for its natural health-giving Kinsen – rich in iron and reddish-brown and Ginsen – containing radium and carbonate, which can be enjoyed daily at Kin no Yu and Gin no Yu, especially for day-trippers. Yumotozaka shopping street is ideal for take-home souvenirs while the iconic nenehashi bridge rounds off the charm of this historic and welcoming town.


Duration : 3 hours

(13:00/Course ends.)