We visit both Kobe’s most famous mountains and sample their best attractions. First, we climb Mount Rokko via the Rokko Cable and lunch at Tenran Café, with epic views over Kobe and Osaka, before hopping via bus to the Rokko International Musical Box Museum and its wealth of rare instruments from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We then take another bus to the Tenjo temple on Maya, offering more stunning views and an epic setting. Finally, a night on Mount Maya at the Hotel de Maya with more amazing views and fine food to match! We return to Sannomiya in downtown Kobe via the Maya View Line cable car.


Kobe-Sannomiya Station(Hankyu Line)

(Dep 11:00)Local Hankyu train bound for Umeda 7mins.190yen

(Arrive 11:07)Hankyu Rokko Station(Hankyu Line)

(Dep 11:12)Kobe City Bus 16mins.210yen

(Dep 11:28)Rokko Cable 16mins.

It’s 590 yen for a one-way ticket and 1,080 yen for a round trip.


[ Scenic spot ]Rokko Cable

 Established back in 1932, the historic Rokko Cable Car is a must-try Kobe experience. It’ll take you to the top of Mount Rokko in minutes, while offering you spectacular views of the natural surroundings every inch of the way.

Duration : 16mins

(Arrive 11:56)Rokko Sanjo Station

on foot – 1 mins.

(Arrive 11:57)TENRAN CAFÉ

Lunch,Tea at Tenran Café,Viewing from observatory

[ Scenic spot ]TENRAN CAFÉ

Situated directly above the Rokko Cable Car station, this café offers amazing views of Kobe and beautiful Osaka Bay as well as a scrumptious selection of some of the most popular local dishes and drinks.

Duration : 1.5 hour

(Dep 14:30)

Rokko Maya Sky Shuttle Bus To Maya Tenjo Temple 9mins.460yen
(Arrive 14:39)Maya Tenjo Temple


[ Scenic spot ]Maya Tenjo Temple

A perfect vantage spot in any season, this temple was built to honor the Goddess Maya, after whom its mountain home takes its name. No matter how many Japanese temples you’ve been to, this one is guaranteed to be worth the trip.

Duration : 1.5 hour

(Dep 15:30) on foot – 15 mins.

(Arrive 15:45) Maya View Terrace702

Tea,reading,relaxing,Snapping the night views at dusk

[ Scenic spot ]Maya View Terrace702

A casual café popular with hikers and mountain-top visitors, it offers outside diners warmth and comfort with a selection of books in Japanese and English to enjoy as well. Windows seats and the outdoor area offer stunning night views.

Duration : 1 hours

(Dep 16:45) on foot – 9 mins.

(Arrive 17:00) Hotel de Maya

(17:00/Course ends.)
Check in,relax,deinner,Outdoor Jacuzzi while enjoying night view

[ Scenic spot ]Hotel de Maya

The Hotel de Maya, around 10 minutes’ walk from the Maya Cable Hoshi no Eki Station, is perhaps the best way to truly enjoy Mount Maya, thanks to stunning views from the hotel restaurant and guestrooms, and superb French cuisine to feast upon. If weather allows, an outdoor jacuzzi featuring a panoramic mountain vista is an absolute must-try!


(Dep. 10:00) on foot – 9 mins.

(Arrive 10:09)Hoshi no Eki(Maya view line dream walk ropeway)


[ Scenic spot ]Maya View LINE

Established almost a century ago, this funicular cable car traverses steep forested slopes, before a thrilling ropeway stretch brings you to the famous Kikuseidai observation deck. Enjoy seeing as far as the Kii Peninsula and marvel at the 10-million dollar night view.

(Dep 10:15 )Hoshi no Eki(Maya view line dream walk ropeway) 450yen

(Arrive 10:20)Niji no Eki(Maya Cable)

(Dep 10:25)Niji no Eki(Maya Cable) 450yen

(Arrive 10:30)Maya Cable Station(Maya Cable)

(10:30/Course ends.)