Day one starts in nature, at the beautiful Nunobiki Waterfall, a short walk from Shin-Kobe Station, followed by the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, a unique nationwide showcase preserving a wonderful array of woodworking tools. Moving to Maiko in western Kobe, we enjoy an Italian seaside lunch and a tour of the Akashi Kaikyo suspension bridge, the world’s second longest at 3,988 meters, plus the Bridge Exhibition Centre. After a comfortable night at Hotel Setre, day two sees us delve into Kobe’s Colonial past and fascinating insights, with visits to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the former Muto and Kinoshita residences.


Sannomiya Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

(Dep 9:00)Toward Tanigami 2mins.210yen

(Arrive 9:02)Shin-Kobe Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

on foot -5 mins.

(Arrive 9:07) Nunobiki Waterfall


[ Scenic spot ]Nunobiki Waterfall

Nunobiki Waterfalls is considered one of Japan’s three most divine waterfall. A peaceful and beautiful spot, just 5 minutes’ or so walk from Shin-Kobe Station, the bullet train stop in Kobe and also a source of Kobe’s deliciously refreshing drinking water!

Duration : 30mins

(Dep 9:40) on foot -11 mins.

(Arrive 9:55)Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

Sightseeing ※Admission:500yen

[ Scenic spot ]Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

A beautiful and unique venue established to preserve and promote Japan’s rich carpentry heritage. It’s also the perfect stopping point to understand Japan’s culture of wood before visiting Kyoto, Nara and other historic cities. As well as around 1,000 carpentry tools on show, from the 30,000 or so gathered to date, replica pillars and architectural joints of the main Toshodai temple hall, towering over 7 meters high, grace the colonnade space. Regular special exhibitions and tools from overseas are also on display!

Duration : 1 hour

Admission : 500yen

(Dep. 11:00) on foot – 3 mins.

(Arrive 11:03)Shin-Kobe Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

Shin-Kobe Station

(Dep. 11:05)Toward Sannomiya 2mins.210yen

(Arrive 11:07)Sannomiya Station(Kobe City Subway Seishin/Yamate Line)

on foot – 4 mins.

(Arrive 11:11)JR Sannomiya Station

JR Sannomiya Station

(Dep. 11:15)Toward Himeji 22mins.310yen

(Arrive 11:37)JR Maiko Station

on foot – 5 mins.

(Arrive 11:42)Maiko Hotel


[ Scenic spot ]Maiko Hotel

A Maiko hotel in a beautiful setting, with a rare blend of Japanese and Western architecture and a lovely garden to match. For special occasions, you can expect the best in Italian food, fresh, elegant and beautifully presented, served by an attentive staff, with daily course menu options and prices from 3,000 to 5,000 yen per person. It’s located just a few minutes’ walk from the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the second longest suspension bridge in the world.

Duration : 1 hours

(Dep. 12:50) on foot – 8 mins.

(Arrive 12:58Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center

Sightseeing ※Admission:310yen

[ Scenic spot ]Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center offers visitors interactive and eye-opening insights into how this incredible suspension bridge was designed and constructed. Recommended for all architecture and urban planning fans!

Duration : 30 mins

Admission : 310yen

(Dep. 13:30) on foot – 1 mins.

(Arrive 13:31) Maiko Marine Promenade

Sightseeing ※Admission:250yen

[ Scenic spot ]Maiko Marine Promenade

To really get a feel for the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, take this chance to step inside and see it up close and person. You’ll hear the traffic above your head, and even walk across a glass floor with the sea visible beneath your feet! And if you have a spare half-day, why not take the Bridge World tour and view the whole construction from 300m high!

Duration : 30 mins

Admission : 250yen

(Dep. 14:00) on foot – 8 mins.

(Arrive 14:08)Hotel Setre Maiko

(14:10/Course ends.)

[ Scenic spot ]Hotel Setre Maiko

A comfortable hotel built with a gleaming white motif and a calming, simple style. This hotel features an in-house restaurant serving fine Italian cuisine prepared with the freshest of ingredients, as well as Western-style breakfast made with delicious local vegetables. Staying guests can also enjoy the top-floor self-serve bar for a nightcap while enjoying stunning views of the Seto Inland Sea.


(Dep. 10:00) on foot – 10 mins.

(Arrive 10:10)Former Kinoshita Residence

Sightseeing ※Admission:100yen

[ Scenic spot ]Former Kinoshita Residence

A glimpse into the Japan of eighty or so years in the past, the beautifully kept former Kinoshita Residence, designated a National Important Cultural Property, withstood the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995.

Duration : 30 mins

Admission : 100yen

(Dep. 10:40) on foot – 7 mins.

(Arrive 10:47) Former Sanji Muto Residence

Sightseeing ※Admission:100yen

[ Scenic spot ]Former Sanji Muto Residence

Meticulously maintened and offering beautiful ocean views from the garden and upper floors, the former Sanji Muto Residence offers a stunning and invaluable glimpse into Japan’s colonial past.

Duration : 30 mins

Admission : 100yen

(Dep. 11:20) on foot – 4 mins.

(Arrive 11:24)Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Sightseeing ※Admission:300yen

[ Scenic spot ]Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

The building that is now the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is the only building in Japan to commemorate Sun Yat-Sen, the great revolutionary. Originally belonging to a Chinese merchant, Wu Jintang, it was designated by the Japanese government as a National Important Cultural Property in 2001.

Duration : 30 mins ※Sightseeing etc.,last admission 16.30pm

Admission : 300yen

(12:05/Course ends.)