Free Wi-Fi in KOBE City and throughout Japan !! Wi-Fi can be used at 3,000 hotspots in KOBE.

Enjoy KOBE and Japan with the KOBE Free Wi-Fi service !!

Search for places of interest and find useful information and share your travel experiences !
You can enjoy free Wi-Fi in KOBE and throughout Japan with just one ID !

How to get an ID/Password and use Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be used at 3,000 hotspots in KOBE City

“Wi2 300” provides you with Wi-Fi service in KOBE and Get a KOBE Free Wi-Fi Card to use“Wi2 300”.

“Wi2 300”is a public wireless LAN service with high-speed Internet access accessible in cities at places like airports, railway stations and McDonald's. You can enjoy the same high-speed Internet as at home using mobile devices such as your notebook PC, iPhone or iPod touch. “Wi2 300” makes your internet life easier.

①For up to 7days(168 hours) ②Just show your passport and fill in a quick form ③Completely free of charge

The“Wi2 300”service is available in a wide range of areas inside and outside KOBE, including: Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and many lots more !

  • You must read and agree to the Wi2 300 terms of use before using the service.
    Terms and conditions
  • The above link takes you to the Terms of Use webpage of the service provider Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd.
  • KOBE Free Wi-Fi does not provide filtering. Do not access insecure websites using the service.
  • iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
  • Android
  • Windows8.1/8/7/Vista
  • Mac OS X

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■Usage notes

In order to use this network, your terminal should have received the Japanese Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. Please keep in mind that using Wi-Fi with terminals that did not receive this certificate such as a terminal that was bought outside Japan is a violation of Japanese Radio Law. Iphones and Ipads are not concerned by this rule. For more details, please consult the following website.
FAQ on Technical Conformity Mark(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)