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Sake Brewery of Nada Course

Sake Brewery of Nada Course

Walking the sake brewery and museum zone, the home of refined sake

Nada Go-go, which makes the best sake in Japan, is the collective name of five villages scattered along the coast of the Hanshin area. Of these, three villages (Nishi-go, Uozaki-go and Mikage-go) lie in eastern Kobe. This sake brewing area that has passed on the sake brewing traditions for 600 years is dotted with sake brewing museums, which display the history of sake brewing and the tools used. The old brewery buildings that housed the sake museums suffered great damage in the earthquake, but they have since been restored. Walk around to feel the history and spirit of the area. At the feet of the mountains to the north of this area lie Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum, Kosetsu Museum of Art, Sera Art Gallery, and other museums. Not only will the museum exhibits mesmerize you in the cultured eastern part of Kobe, but so will the museum buildings, themselves, and the views over Kobe.

▼Walking ▼Bus, etc. ▼Rail, etc.
▼Approx. 30mins
Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum
▼Approx. 5mins
Kosetsu Museum of Art
▼Approx. 5mins
Nada sake brewery museum tour
  • Kobe Shu-shin-kan
  • Kikumasamune Sake Museum
  • Sawanotsuru Sake Museum and other locations

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