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Kobe has the mountains and the sea. It is a refined city with a tranquil side that is surrounded by nature. The Kobe Area Guide contains information for you to experience these various sides of Kobe.

This area is the center of life and sightseeing in Kobe.

Start from the transportation hub of Sannomiya Station to savor the charms of Kobe as you stroll through its gourmet and shopping streets, and sightseeing spots! Walk around for a day or select specific spots to visit. The ways to enjoy Kobe are numerous.


This area around the center of Kobe has many delicious restaurants and shops.
The numerous restaurants that line the streets to the north of the station and the elevated train tracks are proof. The Motomachi and Tor Road areas have many well-established shops. Nankinmachi is the only China Town in West Japan. There are many other enticing gourmet eateries, such as cafes and restaurants, too.
Kobe has an abundance of cake shops and bakeries that produce that most delicious baked products in the country. Be sure to treat your taste buds.


Strolling through the streets and enjoying some shopping is one way of sightseeing in Kobe.
Luxury brand shops and fashionable apparel shops line the Old Foreign Settlement. Enjoy carefree shopping at Tor West. The old buildings in this booming area are notable in Kobe for the eclectic mix of jumble shops, boutiques, galleries and cafes within. From east to west, from Sannomiya through Motomachi and beyond is the Center Gai Shopping Street, with shops providing everything from electrical goods and books to daily necessities, running into the Motomachi Shopping Street with its many well-established businesses. The shops in the shopping arcade beneath the elevated railway tracks have a different, strong personality of their own!

Area list

  • Sannomiya/Motomachi
  • Kitano/ShinKobe
  • Meriken Park/Harborland
  • Port Island/Kobe Airport/Rokko Island
  • Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya
  • Nada/Higashi Nada
  • Arima(Onsen)
  • Hyogo(Shinkaichi)/ShinNagata/Nagata
  • Suma/Tarumi/Maiko
  • Seishin
  • Hokushin

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