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Kobe has the mountains and the sea. It is a refined city with a tranquil side that is surrounded by nature. The Kobe Area Guide contains information for you to experience these various sides of Kobe.

Sparkle like an enormous jewelry box

Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya, the symbols of Kobe, have been loved by the locals as great mountain leisure areas through the ages. At night, they are popular spots to view Kobe's pride--the lights of the city sparkle like an enormous jewelry box..


(Outdoors & Accommodation)

Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya is a mountain leisure zone. Refresh yourself while on your trip, camping or exercising at the Rokkosan Country House. Enjoy the outdoors, playing with the animals and trying your hand at cheese making at Rokkosan Pasture!
Walk around the Kobe Municipal Arboretum and admire the hydrangeas during rainy season and the changing colors in autumn, or Rokkosan Alpine Botanical Garden with its wide range of worldwide alpine flora. Accommodation facilities are also available in the mountains.

(Day and Night View)

The cable ropeway that operates in the mountains is a must when visiting Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya. Experience the dynamic natural beauty of Kobe while riding the enchanting, retro cars of Rokko Cable Car , Rokko Arima Ropeway --that connects the peak of Mt. Rokko to Arima Onsen--and Maya Viewline. The panorama of the grand mountain range, the cityscape and the sea, visible from the cable cars and the lookout, is superb. At night, the view of Kobe is stunning at this romantic spot, which is one of the three best night views in Japan.

Area list

  • Sannomiya/Motomachi
  • Kitano/ShinKobe
  • Meriken Park/Harborland
  • Port Island/Kobe Airport/Rokko Island
  • Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya
  • Nada/Higashi Nada
  • Arima(Onsen)
  • Hyogo(Shinkaichi)/ShinNagata/Nagata
  • Suma/Tarumi/Maiko
  • Seishin
  • Hokushin

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