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Kobe has the mountains and the sea. It is a refined city with a tranquil side that is surrounded by nature. The Kobe Area Guide contains information for you to experience these various sides of Kobe.

Experience the lifestyle of Kobe.

Experience the lifestyle of Kobe in this area that has many different neighborhoods to enjoy, such as the art museums and many shops popular with the locals at the foot of the mountains, the coastal area famous nationwide for sake, and the well-designed buildings of HAT Kobe.

(Shopping, Gourmet & Resort)

The coastline from Kobe to Nishinomiya has always been famous nationwide as a sake mecca.
The many museums, which explain the brewing process and display the brewing equipment of old, and breweries in the area evoke an atmosphere that allows you to experience the old and new Japan. Strolling through the area and tasting the sake at each sake brewery would appeal to the adult travelers.
HAT Kobe, which was constructed after the earthquake, is the location of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art that provides art of various genres through enticing exhibitions of internationally renowned artists, and the Hyogo Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute that educates the public about the threat and experience of earthquakes, and disaster prevention using the latest technology.

(Zoo, Cultural Facilities, Art Museums, Shopping and Gourmet)

Unique art museums and literary facilities dot the foot of the mountains. Kobe City Museum of Literature introduces the lives and works of literary figures connected with Kobe. Ishoan was the setting for The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki, a famous Japanese author, who lived here in Kobe. Kobe Municipal Oji Zoo, which is famous for cherry blossoms in spring, is also in this area.
Mikage, Sumiyoshi and Okamoto--which have many cafes, bread and cake shops, and variety shops--are popular areas among the women of Kobe. The fact that the locals frequent the numerous shops alone proves that they have tasty, quality products.

Area list

  • Sannomiya/Motomachi
  • Kitano/ShinKobe
  • Meriken Park/Harborland
  • Port Island/Kobe Airport/Rokko Island
  • Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya
  • Nada/Higashi Nada
  • Arima(Onsen)
  • Hyogo(Shinkaichi)/ShinNagata/Nagata
  • Suma/Tarumi/Maiko
  • Seishin
  • Hokushin

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