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Kobe has the mountains and the sea. It is a refined city with a tranquil side that is surrounded by nature. The Kobe Area Guide contains information for you to experience these various sides of Kobe.

Enjoy the shopping and cruising the bay.

The seaside spot has symbolic buildings, such as Kobe Port Tower, that catch the eye. Enjoy shopping and cruising the bay. This area is lit up at night making it a beautiful spot to enjoy your evenings in Kobe!


(Kobe Port Tower, Marine Cruise & Illumination)

One shot that must adorn your photo album of memories of your visit to Kobe is the red Kobe Port Tower. The view from the observation deck is not to be missed. Meriken Park has numerous avante-garde buildings, such as Kobe Maritime Museum and a resort hotel, that are also great backdrops for your souvenir shots. Sightsee from the bay. Dine while graciously cruising the bay from the Port of Kobe in the east to Pearl Bridge (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge) in the west.

(Shopping, Gourmet & Amusement)

Harborland is a major complex with many shops, eateries, cinemas, and an amusement area, such as Mosaic.
Walk along the boardwalk with the sea breeze blowing to fully experience Kobe, the city with mountains and the sea. This area is popular as a wedding venue.

Area list

  • Sannomiya/Motomachi
  • Kitano/ShinKobe
  • Meriken Park/Harborland
  • Port Island/Kobe Airport/Rokko Island
  • Mt. Rokko/Mt. Maya
  • Nada/Higashi Nada
  • Arima(Onsen)
  • Hyogo(Shinkaichi)/ShinNagata/Nagata
  • Suma/Tarumi/Maiko
  • Seishin
  • Hokushin

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